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Welcome to the Gold official charity store.

Thank you for supporting Gold's charity, Global's Make Some Noise.

By purchasing our limited edition tea towel, you are making a difference to those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities. Money raised will help support small charities up and down the country who are working with people experiencing grief, poverty, domestic abuse, loneliness, illness and mental health problems, as well as carers and care workers.

Gold Tea Towel

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Refuge pack charity image

£5 could provide an activities pack for a child spending their first year in a refuge.

Online support charity image

£10 could mean a victim of domestic abuse can access advice and support online.

Christmas dinner charity image

£20 could provide a substantial meal for a family of four, who would otherwise go without.

Counselling charity image

£50 could fund a counselling session for a child struggling with their mental health.

100% of your donation will go to Global’s Make Some Noise

We’re helping those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities

This Christmas could be very different for us all, but many people who were already in vulnerable situations, will struggle like never before.

That’s why the Global’s Make Some Noise Emergency Appeal at Christmas is raising money for small charities and community projects that are working tirelessly to help those hit hardest by coronavirus.

This includes people who are homeless, families living in poverty and at risk of going hungry, vulnerable people with care needs, those affected by domestic violence, as well as those experiencing their darkest days with grief, loneliness or mental health problems.

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of our items will be donated to Global's Make Some Noise.

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